He slept soundly.

I can't really translate that, it is a very difficult text.

I think it will be easy to do the job.

Should we do it again?

I'd intended to be here early today.

She seems to have something to do with the affair.

Slartibartfast could've hurt himself today.

You've found a good man.

If you try your best now, happiness will come to you.

Why did you move back in with your parents?


The Mormons have outlawed polygamy, but some adherents still practice it.

He sold all his property in Morocco.

Ro cut down the tree that was in front of his house.

Martin invited you to dinner.

Napoleon was crowned in 1804.

You need to have friends who can help you out.

I found a cache of my grandmother's recipes stuffed away in the back of a drawer.

We just want a little help.

I'll pick you up at seven.

Why can he never do anything?

Marguerite had a secret he was hiding.

His daughter is quick in her movements.

I want you to tell me what you plan to do.

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Nate is starting to feel a little better.

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You look your best in this suit.

Is Germany dangerous?

A contented mind is a perpetual feast.


Do you think Steve believed what you said?


Meg has a knack for languages.


Tal understood what that meant.

Manolis took care of his grandfather.

Everyone has gone towards the ruin regardless of warnings.

How can you afford another suit?

Please keep your eye on my child.

Harold gave Kuldip a dollar.

I'm a pretty stubborn guy.

Can I enter a sentence in French?

This is the very dictionary I've been looking for.

Just keep talking.

I forgot to phone him today.


Bill got up early so he could catch the first train.

He neglected to write her.

I must've sat on it.

I don't know what you're so worried about.

I'm just a little busy right now.

I return walking.

I can't understand why do you insist all the time in inviting her.


Alice slid down the long slide.

Nancy can't decide anything for herself.

There was nobody else to protect and love Brooke.

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Nhan is a string theorist.

The file is corrupt.

I've always wanted to learn to play the oboe.


You're out of order.

I always get dressed before I have breakfast.

She looked embarrassed.

What are those?

He cannot be an honest man to do such a thing.


The King's son was beside himself with pain, and in his despair he leapt down from the tower. He escaped with his life, but the thorns into which he fell, pierced his eyes. Then he wandered quite blind about the forest, ate nothing but roots and berries, and did nothing but lament and weep over the loss of his dearest wife.

You're just trying to shift blame away from yourself.

We didn't have enough time to finish the job.

Vistlik was sitting at the counter reading a magazine when the phone rang.

This dogma is rather a paradox.


I must remember to see her.

I'm not home Sundays.

The book is about the law.

She just smiled.

She left on Christmas Day.

I was tired from watching TV.

I have something personal to tell you after the dinner.

No one should have to put up with this.

I did that.

Would you mind if I slept here?

We're not finished with this.

Dr. Makino is looked up to by many people.

Elias attempted to calm Suzan down.


The bank director was held in high regard.

Dominick nodded affirmatively.

He went surfing.


Peace has returned after three years of war.

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I've said too much.

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"I can speak a bit of German. 'Das ist fantastisch!'" "Haha, wunderbar." "Wunderbar." "Even the locals sound better when they speak German, okay?" "Haha, is nobody gonna get my accent?" "No, not really, 'cause, you know..." "To be honest, I only learned my German from watching DVDs when I was younger." "Hahaha, be sure to send me those DVDs!"


I have a dream that AIDS will be cured in my lifetime.

Cocaine is a drug.

We depend upon the river for the supply of water to drink.

You are quite justified in answering him back.

I'm on my way to Boston.

He got angry because his honor was at stake.

I go to any party I am invited to.

I'm from Canada.

I asked my local member for a job, but he brushed me off.

Water is indispensable to plants.

Latin is a perfect language.

He's kinda cute.

How long have Marlena and Randal known each other?


Vilhelm was elected class representative.

The first minutes after a heart attack are crucial.

The timetable was disrupted.

I've seen it.

Andreas doesn't know what Randolph has to do.

He can't pick.

Please be patient with me today.


We seem to keep grappling with the same old problem.

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It's very small and narrow.

He didn't say so, but he implied that I was lying.

Mara needs to buy time.


Shean never gives up.

The car was straddling the tracks when it was struck by a train.

How does everything look?

It's for my family.

There doesn't seem any difference of meaning between the two constructions.

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The Van Horn family was rich.


He writes a letter.

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This book contains forty photographs.

He is not any taller than I am.

She lives a block away and her name is Susan.


Elisabeth rubbed the magic lamp, and immediately the table was covered with delicious dishes.

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

If you want me to, I'll make you lunch every day.

I need to ask you about him.

Let's drink.

Do they have any idea what happened?

I saw it over there.

The newspaper supplies news.

I rushed out to see what was going on.

Johnny can speak French a little.

Make sure Jef gets his homework done.

The coffee shop is haunted by aspiring artists.

The words are on the tip of my tongue, but I don't quite know how to say what I want to say.

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It's still frozen.

Naresh seems to be in love.

Don't bother.

I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Why don't you look for Rudolf?

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When I confronted Avery, he said that he had mailed the check. But later he admitted that he had spent the money elsewhere. I've had it with him.

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He isn't perfect.


It was harder than I thought.

Sandeep has changed.

He saw brightly-colored birds, flowers and leaves.

Sharan went to George's funeral.

They caught up with us quickly.

There's still time to do some shopping.

Do you think I missed something?


They are separated, and cannot touch.

Ellen returned to his hometown to visit his parents during the summer break.

I was having my lunch, when the phone rang.

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Toufic divorced her husband several years ago.

Ricky found it difficult to please Surya.

They celebrated the completion of his high school years.

My feelings for you haven't changed.

I can get the tickets for you.

Somebody wanted to scare you.

She has about 2,000 books.

I think you did it.

It is hard to recognize you.


Please wait here for a while.

Where could they be?

Love needs courage.


You wrote a splendid text. There is no doubt that you have the heart of a poet and a great talent.

I got a new cellphone.

If you're tired, go to bed already.

Laurel finished drying his face.

Hirofumi was good at that.


We were talking about him.

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Why don't you go kill yourself?